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Download hotspot Windows 7, 8  x86/x64 compatible


Manage and sell WiFi HotSpot access.

Control and bill Wifi Internet access redirecting your customers to login page.

Microsolut Hotspot software system control time and bandwidth usage of wired and wireless laptops without any client software installations. Your customers will be redirected to login page to pay or get free access before getting Internet access. Multilanguage (Default english and spanish)



Development Status : 94% Updated 09/14/2016

Compatible with all customer devices and S.O.
High performance. Optimized for Gigabit network adapters.
Installation are compatible whith all models of Access Points or Routes/Access Point without having to update the firmware

Microsolut Hotspot Software (New version Available soon) supports the following operating systems:

  • Windows 10 x86/x64
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows 8.1 x86/x64
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows 8 x86/x64
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 x86/x64
  • Windows 7 x86/x64
  • Windows Server 2008 x86/x64
  • Windows Vista x86/x64
  • Windows Server 2003 x86/x64
  • Windows XP x86/x64
The following connections types are supported for the operating systems above:
Dial-Up connections (Analog modem, ISDN modem, 3G/4G modem)
Ethernet (LAN and WLAN) connections
Cable/DSL modem using DHCP or “PPP over Ethernet” (EnterNet, RasPPPoE, WinPoET)
Mobile Broadband

Ideal hotspot solution for Hotels, Restaurants, Campings, Resorts, Schools, Cafes, Ciber-cafes …
Hotspot Software leader since 2008. JUST SIMPLE AND STABLE HOTSPOT.

Microsolut is one of the pioneers of complete WiFi solutions / Lan. We develop leading software solutions to secure and manage wired or wireless networks, Hotspot billing Software Manager has a solution. Whether you are from a big Corporate, SME, Hotel, Resort, Cyber Café, Camping, we have a low cost effective solution for you. Not just for business alone,  we have solution for Universities and colleges too.

Allow to create your free hotspot or paid HotSpot service. Ensuring the quality of Internet service.

Our system will not only provide you with the newest Wi-Fi technology, but also with an additional source of income and higher levels of consumer satisfaction. We have the ultimate solution for HotSpot billing and HotSpot management, just read below.

You can set the validity time period, bandwidth and traffic limits of each access packages. You can also set your prices in your desired currency and your
customers will be charged in this currency.We have a preconfigured, multi-language Start Page which you can customize it to suit to your own special need. You can post daily specials, special menus etc. Real time statistics, reports, setup of special packages, online management and AAA. Authentication, Authorization and Accounting). Hotspot software provide all, and much more.

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